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Please respect this forum. It is for VJMC members to share information for the benefit of the members and the VJMC. Any infringement of common courtesy or any offensive or contentious entries will result in the individual being suspended or removed from the club and this forum. You must remember that you are legally responsible for any postings that you make in this forum. Just a little common sense would be greatly appreciated. Commercial advertising will be removed from this forum unless specific permission is granted by the VJMC. All entries made in this forum are entirely the responsibilty of the individual placing them. The VJMC Ltd, Club, Commitee will not accept any responsibility for the views of others. Your entry into this forum is an agreement of that.
Your Introduction
Before you starting asking questions and creating posts, perhaps you would introduce yourself to the forum members. What machines do you own? How did you acquire them? What skills do you have and what have you learned to achieve your restoration? Are you a restorer, a rider, a mix of both? Which part of the country do you live in? Do you show? Do you visit shows? All the important stuff that we need to share so that we can keep our machines on the road (or in the conservatory, lounge, kitchen, bedroom!) Knowing you (and us - then you become us) helps to promote technical knowledge in the club and on the forum. Thanks and welcome!
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There is most likely a VJMC section near to you. You will find a vast amount of knowledge accumulated with many years of experience of restoring motorcycles. Find your nearest section. We think you will find answers to your technical problems. Not to mention making a new bunch of friends with the same passion and interest. Maybe the same mentality - probably a good thing! Go along and meet your section.
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Rules of online trading
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For Sale
Motorcycles , parts and accessories for sale. Postings will expire after 28 days.
Motorcycles , parts and accessories wanted. Postings will expire after 28 days.
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Get yer pint, spin around, lean on the bar and discuss!
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Any services offered here are not the responsibility of the VJMC as an entity. Acceptance of services is entirely the responsibility of the individual. Offering and accepting services on this forum is governed by this ruling. Using this forum for services is your acceptance of this ruling.
Services Provided
Services Provided. Let members know how you can help them with supply and services.
Services Wanted
Need services for engine rebuilds, frames, welding, painting, electrics, tyres, chroming and plating, wheel building or anything that you need help with?
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Other Marques Technical forum
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Painting and Finishing Technical forum
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General Technical forum
Machines and Parts Stolen - Can You Help?
Unfortunately our machines and parts are sometimes targeted and go missing. Please use this section if its happened to you.
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